Saturday, July 10, 2010

I don't paint....

Okay, so I know I said I don't paint, but somehow I accidentally-on-purpose started painting two 1" scale paintings *gasp*.  lol I know, I try to stick with 1/2", but I wasn't ready to try it that small yet!  I have this idea in mind to make a 1:12 scale French restaurant, modeled after the one I visited when I was in Paris.  The paintings I just did are more Spanish or Italian in style, but they have a hint of French impressionism too, so maybe I'll include them in the cafe.  It was an extremely eclectic restaurant after all! ;)  I'm getting way ahead of myself here, seeing as I still need to finish my courtyard roombox, but I can't help but get a little excited.  I'm a dreamer after all...

Anyhoo, here are the paintings I did... still need to make some frames.  I know they are poor offerings, but I must post something, so here they are. Just think impressionism... and remember they are small  ;) lol sorry for the excuses!


  1. Your paintings are great! They are perfect for your eclectic restaurant!

  2. Me encanta!!!!
    Tienes unos trabajos preciosos, volvere a pasar para ver tus nuevos proyectos.
    besitos ascension