Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thrift -Store Finds

I always love a good bargain! :)  Yesterday I made a stop at the local second hand store and found these...

These fabric samples cost 25 cents for the whole bunch- I'm thinking they'll be good for upholstery.  

Shell necklace- 50 cents.  

Chenille hair for hairing dolls. -- 25 cents

Cute little speckled eggs - 37 cents.

I'm pretty happy with my purchases, seeing as it all came to $1.37.  I have tons of project ideas floating around in my head now, but not enough time to do them.  I dismantled the necklace and put the shells and eggs in a drawer in my shelf organizer thingy.  Hopefully they will be useful and not just sit there forever! ;)  I am working on a few projects at the moment, so I'll post them soon hopefully!


  1. Wow your fast to organize, I need you in my craft room!! lol

  2. lol I love to have things organized, but I only do it in spurts ;) You should see the rest of my craft table! Not so organized. ;)

  3. You got some goodies here! :)