Monday, September 27, 2010

New Horizons...

As you probably already know, I have mostly worked in 1/2" scale.  Although I still don't have room for much else, I have dreams of building a 1" scale dollhouse someday... so I summoned up all my courage and plunged into sculpting a 1:12 doll.  Technically this is the third doll I've made... I made one for practice years ago that isn't really in any scale, and I tried (key word: tried) to sculpt a doll in 1/2" scale but that was a little too tiny for my fingers.  And even more difficult to paint details!

Anyhow... I finished the sculpting of my new doll last night, and I thought I'd share so that it doesn't appear that I've vanished off the face of the earth.  Although with all the things I'm involved in this year, sometimes I feel like I'm going to be drowned in it ;)

So here she is! Right now, bald and bland, she's a doll only the creator could love.  Makes me grateful for my Creator who so lovingly made me, "imperfections" and all. :) 
I wrapped her in a scrap of a lace handkerchief for the photos.  I'm really looking forward to dressing her for real, albeit a little nervous about it.  I think the lace suits her though- her costume might end up incorporating some of that lace.  She's kind of an elegant, old-fashioned type I think. 
Here she is with the 1/2 scale doll I did before.  It's amazing how much difference there is in size! Unfortunately the 1/2 scale doll's hands broke off, what with all that adjusting her for different poses and crushing her in drawers.  Yes, she's bald too. :(  Poor thing.  My goal for this week is wigging both of them.  One thing I'm pretty happy about is that both of them can stand without any support, which is handy.