Thursday, July 8, 2010

Garden Courtyard..

I have been working on making a kind of courtyard garden roombox... I've had the idea floating around in my head for a while, and it's starting to come together little by little.  Here is the start of one of my first experiments with cardboard bricks (out of eggcarton).  This stage is what has taken the most time- I counted over 300 bricks to be individually glued to the surface!  This will eventually be the floor- I just need to grout and seal it.  I'm planning on making stone walls using a similar technique.
First stage:  sponging on the first layer of terra cotta paint
Next: adding other colours- orange, brown, red, white...
Finished product!  Just awaiting grout.  (sorry the colours aren't quite right on my camera- it's a little more red than brown)

Today, I made a bench to be part of the scene.  Materials used are craft sticks, toothpicks, and paper painted to resemble wrought iron.  I'm noticing now that the black paint needs to be touched up a little- amazing the flaws that cameras point out! ;)  Here it is, as well as a barrel I made out of toothpicks the other day.


  1. I just LOVE that bench! Everything else looking good too :)

  2. Wow, those are really cool!